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Names of artists and celebrities such as Ansel Adams, Jack London, Clint Eastwood, Doris Day, or John Madden have always been synonymous with Carmel-by-the-Sea. But the charm of this exquisitely perfect coastal town goes far beyond the ability to recite the names of its famous occupants.

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Carmel Has it All…

And Then Some! I know I could visit Carmel a dozen or more times a year and never get tired of the place, despite the endless crush of tourists on the weekends.  And just when I think that perhaps I might grow weary of the hikes up and down the hills around town, I catch a whiff of the salt air, sink into an Adirondack chair, open a good bottle of Chardonnay, and let the world drift by…

The roar of the ocean, the forever-young surfers, the smell of salt air and row upon row of cottages that line the steep hills — these are all constant reminders of a place on the Pacific that calls to me and begs me to return. And I will.

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More Restaurants

Things like neon signs, billboards and hot-dog stands are prohibited in Carmel. Dogs, however, are welcome everywhere.  At last count there were more restaurants than one can keep track of, each with a personality so inviting that I find it difficult to stop at less than two — per day — whenever I visit. There are almost as many art galleries in town. And I have lost count of the number of little shops offering everything from T-shirts to T-bone steaks and everything in between. 

Just Sit in the Sunshine, or

Maybe you would like to just sit in the sunshine that often floods the Pacific Coast. Or perhaps you might prefer to sit beneath the warm glow of a propane patio heater that takes the chill away from the afternoon fog that sometimes rolls in from the cool ocean. Either way, it works – perfectly!

Food & dining?  Whoa!  Carmel has a venue for your every whim and dining pleasure. And whether you prefer casual or formal, you can rest assured that there is an unforgettable dining experience awaiting you… 

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