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Art enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Tucked away along charming streets and courtyards, a vibrant gallery scene awaits!

winters gallery courtyard
Winters Gallery in Carmel - Photo by Yvonne Carpenter-Ross

Whether you seek established masters or up-and-coming talents, there’s something for every taste. Renowned institutions like Zantman Art Galleries showcase a diverse collection, while Gallery MAR Carmel specializes in contemporary works that inspire and challenge. These are just a taste of the many options. Spend an afternoon or two browsing the unique offerings and discovering hidden gems.

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Carmel Art Galleries

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Aaron Chang Ocean Art Galleries

Surf & ocean photographer with a gallery on Ocean between Dolores & Lincoln.

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Center for Photographic Art

One of the premier non-profit photographic galleries in the US. Located at San Carlos & 9th. Sunset Center

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Gallery Sur

Stunning selection of Big Sur and Carmel landscapes alongside captivating sculptures & a blend of photography and fine art. Located on 6th between Dolores & Lincoln.

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Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery

Der Ling Lane and Thomas Kinkade's studio in the garden. Ocean Ave between Dolores & Lincoln.

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winters gallery courtyard

Art Galleries

Art Galleries Art enthusiasts will find themselves in paradise in


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