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On the Pacific

Explore the Sights, Tastes & Tours of the West Coast


Join us as we discover the treasures that the west coast has to offer: from the great beaches and surf to the state parks, the charming coastal towns, excellent restaurants, wineries,  shopping venues and much, much more!

Whether you arrive by boat, train, plane or car, the myriad climates, geologic formations, varied agriculture and demographics make the California coastal areas an endless array of places to go and things to do.  Along with our continuous cravings for more tastes and tours, we always have more reasons why we keep wanting to go back for more!

Santa Barbara sunsetChalk Hill vineyards

Some History

Named by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the Pacific Ocean occupies about one third of the earth's surface. Its eastern shore has undoubtedly changed extensively since Vasco Nunez de Balboa first sighted it in the early 1500's. On the eastern shore lies the Golden State of California. And there, as any explorer will attest, countless treasures await to be discovered...

Recent Additions

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