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Named by the Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the Pacific Ocean occupies about one third of the earth’s surface. Its eastern shore has undoubtedly changed extensively since Vasco Nunez de Balboa first sighted it in the early 1500’s. On that eastern shore lies the Golden State of California. And there, as any explorer will attest, countless treasures await to be discovered…

Carmel by the Sea looking towards Pebble Beach

The West Coast has so many treasures to offer! In every location along the coast, those treasures range from great beaches and pounding, surfable surf, to idyllic state parks and charming, iconic coastal towns, to little-known out-of-the-way places that offer excellent restaurants, wineries – both large and small – shopping venues and much, much more! 

Experience the Sights, Sounds & Tastes of Carmel

Of all the cities, towns, parks, monuments, and places to go and see on the west coast of California, perhaps the most alluring and inviting destination of all is… Carmel-By-The-Sea!  A San Francisco attorney (Frank Hubbard Powers) and a real estate attorney (James Franklin Devendorf) partnered to purchase land in Carmel and formed the Carmel Development Company in late November of 1902, establishing what, in 1903, would become Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Carmel and the surrounding area are packed with multiple destinations offering dining, shopping, wineries and wine tasting, as well as fun things to do and see.  And that is why, on the entire west coast and all the places we have visited there, we have decided to highlight Carmel as the best place to go, to play, and to dine, shop, taste and stay!  We hope you will enjoy the site, and perhaps schedule an excursion to Carmel-by-the-Sea!

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Our blog, “Really Livin’” features articles about various activities, events and also spotlights local businesses. Here are just a few of our recent posts. To view the full list, visit our blog page here.

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