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On the Pacific

Explore the Sights, Tastes & Tours of the West Coast

Seattle, Washington

You really can't get much farther north and west and still be in the Continental United States... but you probably won't find a friendlier or nicer place  to visit or to call home either.  Professional sports venues, great coffee, excellent and numerous dining opportunities that meld with theater, arts and clean air in a city that prides itself on its "greenness". 

Pike MarketFish at Pike Market

You'll enjoy the freshest of seafood (like salmon, oysters and crab to name a few), convenient public transportation, very helpful residents who are proud to call Seattle home, and a whole lot more!  Rain?  Well, it doesn't rain any more in Seattle -- annual rainfall is about 37 inches -- then in numerous other cities across the country, and no one really seems to mind anyway.  It's more like liquid sunshine...  Here is a city filled with vibrancy and vitality that simply sings out to stop by for a taste of the good life!  

Tastes and Tours in Seattle

Join us for an incredible 3-part journey that takes us from the Windy City of Chicago to Seattle on Amtrak!

Part 1: On the Empire Builder -- Day One

Chicago's Union StationAfter a quick stop at the kiosk for our tickets, we passed through frosted-glass doors and into the Executive Lounge, where we checked in..

Part 2: On the Empire Builder -- Day Two

Buttes of MontanaHalfway through Montana, I began to notice a subtle change in the landscape: geologic features called buttes began to appear...

Part 3: 48 Hours in Seattle

Octopus at the Seattle AquariumWe enjoyed dinner at the Top of the Hilton where there is intimate dining and stunning views of the city below, especially at night, and enjoyed fresh salmon...


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